Reconnaissance surveys for roads, waterways, dams, etc, for design and quantity determination.

Construction of public roads to international standards, including asphalt and bitumen application.

Design and construction of mine site haul roads, normally from pit exit to waste dump or ROM pad.

Airstrips, concrete works, drainage and other detailed civil works.

We intervene thus in:

    ·         Reconnaissance survey for roads and waterways;
    ·         Road building on trunk and feeder highways;
    ·         Airstrips, concrete works, drainage and pavements;
    ·         Earthworks and foundations for processing plants;
    ·         Site clearing and establishment;
    ·         Controlled bulk earthworks;
    ·         Water, Tailing dams and dam lifts;
    ·         Environmental rehabilitation;
    ·         Plant site and general concrete works.